Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Nahela Morales

Nahela Morales is a convert, immigrant, Mexican-American, da’iya, Humanitarian, award winning activist, international public speaker, and a single mother of one. As a public speaker she has had the opportunity to speak in countries like Sweden, Columbia, Brazil, and especially her native Mexico. She has represented a variety of oppressed demographics through her years as an activist and humanitarian. She is also a co-founder of Embrace and currently serves as their Marketing Director.

Gyasi McKinzie

A co-founder of Embrace, Shaykh Gyasi (Ja-see) Mckinzie was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Memphis, TN. He accepted Islam in 1991 while he was still in high school. He is a graduate from the Islamic University of Madinah and also holds a Masters degree from Vanderbilt University in Theological Studies. He has over 20 years of experience providing Islamic leadership to schools and organizations. Besides having served as Imam of the Muslim Society of Memphis and as chaplain at two federal prisons, he has been the Youth Director of the Youth and Dawah Center in Memphis, TN. He has also served as an Islamic Studies teacher and school counselor at Pleasant View School and the Islamic school of Irving respectively. He currently serves as the Director of Education for Embrace.

Kenneth Misurella

Kenneth Misurella was born in Lakewood, NJ and currently resides in Bedford, TX. Kenneth learned about Islam during his college years and accepted Islam in 2012. Since then, he has been involved in a variety of causes such as Da’wah, mentoring new muslims, advocacy, and humanitarian aid. During his time as a humanitarian, he visited a number of neglected communities both local and international to provide aid. He is a co-founder of Embrace and currently serves as their National Secretary.

Haseeb Abdali

Haseeb Abdali has been an Islamic worker since his early adulthood. Born into a Muslim family in the Muslim majority country of Pakistan and living in the U.S. for over 20 years, Haseeb has utilized his cultural competency and passion for Islamic outreach to conceptualize Embrace and help lead it to fruition. He is a catalyst, without being overbearing or condescending, for the organization’s emphasis on inclusion and retention of men and women who have converted to the Islamic faith. Haseeb is a member of the Central Shura of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Islamically-educated, movement trained leader, and career IT professional. He currently serves as Embrace’s National Coordinator.

Philadelphia, PA

Jacquelyn Crutchley

Jacquelyn was born in New Jersey but currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Accepting Islam in 2016, Jaquelyn is a Senior Program Coordinator at the American Association for Cancer Research. She also served on the board and as the Program Chair for Women International Leaders of Philadelphia. She has worked as an Account Analyst, Consultant for Business Development, and Event Planner. She advocates for human/women’s rights and is an active community builder. She is also a lover of service, nature, traveling, and learning. Jacquelyn currently serves as the core lead for the Embrace Philadelphia chapter.

Daniel Rebholz

Daniel was born and raised in Reading, PA and converted to Islam in February of 2017. Since then, Daniel enjoys teaching Sunday School at his local mosque and being involved with several islamic organizations: including ICNA, WhyIslam, MuslimServe, and Embrace. Daniel serves as the assistant lead for the Embrace Philadelphia chapter. He hopes his efforts in the Embrace Project will help find the support, care, and love that is needed for converts to further appreciate their Islam and integrate them into their respective communities.


Vina McDermott

Vina was born and raised in Connecticut and converted to Islam in 2007. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and works with children on the autism spectrum and children with other developmental disabilities as well as children who need behavioral support due to social and emotional needs. Vina also coaches families of children with behavioral challenges so that the family gains a toolbox of behavioral strategies to use to help their child succeed. Recently, Vina became certified as a Hijama Therapist and offers this service as well as other cupping therapy to Muslim sisters and women in Connecticut. Vina finds her connection to Islam through nature and is often out camping, hiking, kayaking or exploring the beauty within God’s creations. Vina serves as the Core Lead for the Connecticut Chapter of Embrace and hopes to grow the chapter and support converts as they continue their journeys in Islam.

Sacramento, CA

Aimee Sanatkar

Aimee Sanatkar was born in Mississippi, raised in Alabama and has lived in California for the last 35 years. She converted to Islam 45 years ago. Aimee has studied Sunni, Shia and Sufi Islamic disciplines, and has been active in many nonprofit activities. Her education is in accounting and management, and she enjoys assisting nonprofits in organization and management structure. Aimee currently serves as the core lead for the Embrace Sacramento chapter.

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