Our Story

Being a primarily convert/revert led organization, we understand first-hand the challenges that come with embracing a new way of life. For some of us, we may have lost everything we held dear: friends, family, and even community. Therefore, as a diverse team of converts to Islam with different experiences and backgrounds, Embrace prioritizes upholding our brotherly/sisterly ties by respecting our differences and appreciating our similarities.

We are well aware of the unique strengths every convert brings to our community. Thus, we strive to provide an environment for Muslim converts to develop a sense of belonging and help them grow into leaders and active members of society.

Our Mission & Vision


To empower, integrate, and serve our Muslim convert community by providing social and educational spaces which encourage growth, shape their Islamic identity, and equip them with the knowledge they need for their lifetime journey.   


Embrace as a comprehensive convert care organization which promotes equality and respect towards Muslim converts and helps them grow into leaders and active members of society.


Dallas, Texas

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Let’s make meaningful change in the lives of Muslim converts