On this blessed month of Ramadan


For many fellow Convert/Revert Brothers and Sisters Ramadan can be one of the loneliest times of the year do to lack of community.

Our goal at Embrace – A Project of ICNA this Ramadan has been to make sure our Revert/Convert community in the DFW never feels this way. We are grateful that many of own members have opened and will continue opening the doors of their homes to ensure that absolutely no one breaks fast alone. 


Let’s make the most of this Ramadan. If you know of any Brother, Sister or Family who needs community please invite them to our events!

May this Ramadan be filled with endless blessings, contentment, and togetherness for you and your families! May this Ramadan bring us closer to Allah subhana wa taa’la beyond the 30 days and may all of our duaas be answered, Ameen!

Let’s make meaningful change in the lives of Muslim converts