For converts to be embraced and treated with dignity, equality and respect and to become leaders within the Muslim community. 



To empower, integrate, nourish and serve our diverse Muslim converts by providing social skills, Islamic Movement knowledge and creating safe social spaces for their growth and lifetime journey..

Your Journey Is Our Journey

 As converts/reverts we understand first hand what it means to loose it all in a blink of an eye. Therefore after embracing Islam we make it our priority to hold on to our Sisterly/Brotherly ties by respecting our differences and appreciating of similarities.  

Ramadan 2019

 Opening our hearts and our home to our Revert/Convert brothers and sisters in need of companionship, family, brotherhood/sisterhood is essential for their growth. They genuinely need to feel welcomed and embraced by the ummah (community) at large. At the end of the day this is what Ramadan is truly about fellowship, mercy, compassion and love. Have you invited a Revert/Convert for iftar this Ramadan? 

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